I’m an intense G-Shock Collector and I will extend my services to my registered users, if u cant find the G-Shock of your dreams, contact me and i will search the world for the G-Shock.  I will post rare limited G-Shock for sale so stay tune.


  1. you have any g-shocks right now

    • no i dont can u please give my one that is black

  2. do you have a g-diamond

  3. hey paul i want to buy the model#gall0f-2dr please let me know if u can get it thanks

  4. i am looking for a red dw6900 or a pegleg hit me up with good prices

  5. i want one for free

  6. Do you sell G shocks im tryin 2 get 1 like urs. let me noe

  7. is it still too late to buy a BC g shock

  8. hey how much would the union pegleg(dw6900UN-4JR) gshock be if you can get it?

  9. Hi paul i just ordered one of your shirts and on paypal my old address was the default and now the shirt is set to be shipped to that old address. can you help me out please?
    thanks man

  10. hey i was wonderin can you let me know how much for a union pegleg(dw6900un-4jr) if you could.

  11. casio

  12. casio

    hope i win

  13. Paul,

    I’m looking for a Play Cloths x G shock and need your help. Also, is there any chance I can buy just a tin from you?

    email me back and we can communicate


  14. How can I get a free G-Shock

  15. Hey i was looking around for a playcloths x gshock watch would you no how much it would cost me

  16. dope thanks for the really quick reply ill get back to you soon

  17. I have a watch and i bought it at the mall. It looks like a g-shock watch but doesn’t have the g on it or nothing. i dont care if its real are not i still rock dem hoes but yea.

    • it just has shock resistant

  18. Where can I find a DW 5000 C-1A?

  19. When will the new Dee and Ricky G-Shock be released, where will you be able to pick it up from, and about how much will it go for?

    • any day now, they r aready released in Japan, and Macy’s and other boutiques with carry it

  20. hey im looking for a aqua teen g shock for under 140 think u could help me out? the most im trying to spend is 160. im trying to start a new collection. i have the silver and red 6900 the gx56 red and black, the white g lide 6900, and the japanese limited hyper color the purple and yellow and pink one. so if you have any suggestions on good investments let me know please.

  21. Hey Paul I want the in4mation gshock cant find it anywhere always sold out

    • The rasta one

  22. Do you still have the skullcandy, aqua teen hunger force, rail line, mountain dew, or Subcrew?

    interested buyer


  23. im new to collecting g-$hocks and i was wondering if you had any iced out watches for sale and if you do could you hit me up
    thanks, Nick

  24. do you have a union peg leg and whats the price. i have a few g-$hocks and lookin to add this one.

  25. Do you know where I can get a red play cloths gshock?

  26. do you know where i can find a play cloths?? hit me up

  27. yo paul, i admire what you do man im an avid collector as well, about 20 shocks. im going to post a vid up soon and ill be sure to shout you and tyko out. if you come accross any heat please be sure to hit me up …papashock

  28. Whooee, paul, i been tryin to reach u for years, i wanna kno if the Gshocks fro ur G-$hock sale vid on youtube are still available, if they are let me kno, cuz i wanna buy

  29. any iced out g-shocks for sale?

  30. Hi Paul,
    I am really interested in a GA-110f-2dr ( the rainbow G-Shock Man Set)
    Tjis has been the watch of my DREAMS for about 2 whole years. Please let me know if you can help me out!

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